• Nico Perez

How has the waste landscape changed in the new coronavirus world?

There's no denying that you've experienced the full wrath of coronavirus personally and professionally.

As we all know, around 80% of all brick and mortar businesses have shut. Pubs, bars, restaurants have all been forced to shut by law. Only supermarkets and those local independent grocers have been allowed to remain open. Of course this means that there has been in reduction 80% of business waste too. Companies like Veolia, Biffa and Suez will have experienced the unfortunate downturn.

Consumer waste has increased however. Families have increased their spending through supermarkets by an estimated 25% which means that each household is producing more domestic waste putting public waste services under more strain.

Besides from waste, there is a silver lining in all of this though. The environment is regenerating as a result of industrial processes closing and less travel. It seems either the economy grows or environment, they often work at the expense on each other.

Coronavirus Business Waste